A Different Perspective

Viewing the Bible from a different perspective

It seems to reason that the divine Creator of the Universe would, in the beginning, install all the laws of science and physics. It also seems logical that our God of infinite wisdom (the Alpha and the Omega) would not violate these solid laws because that would introduce chaos into the Universe, including our planet Earth. Given this premise, how could all the seemingly miraculous events in the Bible happen without violating natural law — and also without contradicting the basic beliefs of Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

Viewing the Bible from a different perspective (than you, perhaps, have been accustomed to) might provide some insight into the questions posed here. Imagine a murder trial. The prosecution presents an impressive circumstantial case against the defendant, with everything appearing to fit the evidence available. Then the defense takes the floor and presents the exact same evidence; but this scenario doesn’t involve the defendant at all! The stated events and circumstances used by the prosecution and defense lawyers were the same in both cases and both fit their stories like the proverbial glove. This plot rolled out in a TV program we saw a number of years ago, leaving us viewers to ponder which case (if either) presented the truth.

Appealing or Appalling?

Like the defense lawyer referenced above, we can view the Holy Bible from a different perspective (than the one typical of the scriptural “party line”). We propose rational explanations to biblical events that (we were told in Sunday School) were the result of God being all-powerful and able to do astonishing (albeit not necessarily scientifically based) things.

Some readers might find How Did God Do It? appealing; and others, perhaps, appalling. That’s OK. We can appreciate both reactions. Whatever your stance, we issue a challenge (provided you have read the book): “Show us where this book conflicts with the Holy Bible.”

As the “defense lawyers” in this case, we feel our concept (case) tightly fits the descriptions and stories as related in the Holy Bible.