Bible Trivia

NOTE: Because five different Bible translations were used in writing this book, the answers to some trivia questions might differ depending on which Bible version is referenced.

So here are the answers to our teasers about the “three” wise men, whale and last book of the Bible. . .

  • The story about the wise men (Magi) visiting Jesus in Matthew Chapter 2 never uses the number three to identify the number of visitors. (Chapter 29)
  • Jonah encounters a great fish. The word whale is never used in the Jonah chapter. (Chapter 26)
  • The last book of the Bible is titled Revelation. There is no letter s on the end. (Chapter 38)

Here’s more Bible trivia taken from this book. Consult the chapters referenced for the answers proposed.

  • Why don’t God, Lord and LORD mean the same thing? (Chapter 6)
  • What does Eve eat in the Garden of Eden? (Chapter 8)
  • How does Santa Clause relate to Bible stories? (Chapter 9)
  • Why does God ask for burnt offerings? (Chapter 12)
  • Why does God introduce circumcision to the Hebrews? (Chapter 13)
  • Why would the LORD instruct Joshua to kill “every living thing” in Jericho? (Chapter 18)
  • What “weapon” does David use to kill Goliath? (Chapter 20)
  • What ever happens to the “10 lost tribes”? (Chapter 20)
  • What does Satan/the devil not look like? (Chapter 23)
  • Where in the Bible is the “glory of the Lord” described? (Chapter 24)
  • How do Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego survive the fiery furnace? (Chapter 25)
  • How many Gospels describe the birth of Jesus? (Chapter 29)
  • Where does the Bible instruct us to drink wine? (Chapter 31)
  • How does Jesus turn water into wine? (Chapter 31)
  • How does Jesus feed the thousands of people gathered to hear Him speak? (Chapter 32)
  • How does Jesus walk on the water? (Chapter 33)
  • What is Jesus doing between the ages of twelve and thirty? (Chapter 34)
  • How does Jesus cure a leper? (Chapter 34)
  • What is the plot of the Holy Bible? (Chapter 36)
  • Is Judas really a “bad guy”? (Chapter 37)
  • How long is Jesus in the tomb? (Chapter 37)